Quality Assurance

We manufacture wide range of products and our clients can ensure quality products from us.         We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.


Our precise engineered products are developed under hygienic conditions and thus, safe to use. To meet our valuable customer's demands.


Our Client can trust UD Pharma Products for On Time Delivery. We work day and night with controlled production with high quality to fulfilled every order.


1about us

U D Pharma Rubber Products is a fully integrated manufacturer of Rubber & Plastic components. The organization has been thriving to deliver quality and precision to its customer. U D Pharma has a well qualified team in designing and production. Dedicated tooling and production capabilities permit high volumes of production of Rubber & Plastic components prompt delivery competitive rates. We have a controlled manufacturing process. Also stringent quality control systems ensures achieving highest quality standards. By the very nature of its activity, the pharmaceutical industry has to shoulder immense responsibility towards its consumer in ensuring that its products are made with the best available raw materials in the best possible process and that there is no compromise at any stage of its evolution from manufacturing to packaging. It is precisely because of this very important factor, that our products have

Popular Products


Dropper Assembly

U D Pharma carries the largest variety of Dropper Assemblies in the world. Our Stock and Standard Dropper Assemblies.


Available out of Butyl, Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl, Silicon, Neoprene, Nitrile and Natural Polymers in various sizes and colours having minimum U.V.

Measuring Cups

We are manufacturing different type/size of Plastic Measuring Cups, Spoons, Eye & Ear dropper, applicator for Gel & Tablets.

Plastic Spoons

We are manufacturer  of plastic spoons. We also manufacture as per customer requirements.


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